4 step guide to a flawless, daily office makeup!

by - 7/29/2020

4 step guide to a flawless, daily office makeup!

How to get ready for office fast and look presentable? It’s a major concern among women everywhere! This is mainly because makeup can be a tricky thing for anyone if they don’t know the exact way of doing it. Also, if you have the right products, the entire process gets much easier and smooth. Let’s take a look at some of the products that can make your daily makeup perfect yet less time-consuming and long-lasting.

How to start?
Always start the makeup process with a clean face and dab some toner to seal those pores. This will help you to prep your skin and make it hold the minimal makeup for the rest of the day.

What’s next?
Right after cleansing and toning, you need to moisturize your face to set up a strong base for the makeup. While you must use primer for other occasions, it’s not necessary for daily makeup and a quality serum like the innisfree green tea seed serum will do the job.

How does the serum work?
The Innisfree green tea seed serum moisturizes and hydrates the skin from within to give you a glow throughout the day. The Dual Moisture-Rising Technology makes it the perfect primer for your daily office makeup.

Will it give a dewy look?
Just like a primer you can get a dewy look by using this serum due to the presence of green tea seeds and the extracts of the Jeju green tea. The high minerals and amino acid content make it so good for your skin.

Which foundation is best?
While numerous foundations can give you a flawless look, the sulwhasoo cushion foundation is the winner when it comes to daily makeup. Its lightweight offers great coverage, protects from the harmful UV rays, and boosts the radiance. So, if you want an all in one solution for your daily makeup woes, then this is it!

Will there be a caking?
The Sulwhasoo cushion foundation doesn’t get cakey at all because of the brilliant Pigment coating dispersion technology that coats your skin seamlessly, dispersing each pigment evenly, giving you the smooth finish you desire. The Schizophyllum commune present in the foundation also nourishes the skin and keeps your face moisturized throughout the day. So no more touch-ups all over the day!

What about the lips?
As you cannot wear darker shades at the office; it’s best to stick to tinted glossy lip balms, to keep the look natural yet glam. The laneige lip glowy balm is perfect for this, as its tinted and gives you a glowy look throughout the day while keeping your lips moisturized and hydrated.

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