KraveBeauty BEET THE SUN

by - 6/30/2020


You guys, do you know KraveBeauty?
If you're a K-cosmetic junkie, chances are you've already heard of the KraveBeauty.
It's a very popular cosmetic brand these days.
It is a brand made by famous YouTuber and only sells 5 products.
Today, I'm going to show you one of those products, BEET THE SUN!

Isn't this package really pretty?
KraveBeauty seems to have its own atmosphere.

In Korea it's summer. Suncare is a very important now.
That's why I have to apply sunscreen often.
But even though I know it is important, I don't apply it well.
In particular, I think the sun cream formulation I used was more dry when applied.

However, BEET THE SUN is easy to apply because the formulation is like an essence.
So it is easier to use than other sunscreens and is often applied.
Besides, it is moist when applied and the finish is refreshing!

I think I know why it is so popular.
I applied it while carrying it for several days,
the formulation was light, so it was not difficult to apply it often.
I'm going to protect myself from UV rays with this product this summer.
If you are thinking about which sun cream to buy, how about BEET THE SUN?


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