Regeneration and protection with day and night cream

by - 6/23/2020

Regeneration and protection with day and night cream

Caring for your skin is the key to achieve radiant and beautiful skin. Your skin carries its biorhythm, so it requires a shift based on whether awake or asleep. With a proper day and night cream, you'll be able to nourish and secure your skin throughout the day. But before applying any of the creams, you need to clean your face properly with cleansing foam. Innisfree cleansing foam with green tea extracts revives your stressed and dry skin by offering enough moisture to your skin.

You can even try out Innisfree cleansing foam composed of Jeju volcanic clumps provides a matte texture to your skin also purifies the pores and absorbs the entire sebum in your skin. During day time, your skin requires protection from all the harmful environmental elements. In contrast in the nighttime, your skin requires support while it regenerates.

Importance of day cream for your skin:

When you wake up after your beauty sleep, you require making some moisture and defending a prime concern for your delicate skin. Here are some simple tips to have a beautifully healthy and radiant skin:

  1. Always put in day cream in the morning
Protection and hydration are the two essential benefits of using Neogen Joan Day and Night cream. You may think of this day cream as the protective cover opposed to all environmental effects it may face throughout the day.
  2. Pick day cream with agile properties
Day creams that contain antioxidants are very useful to secure your skin from the free radical, which causes wrinkles. This day cream even enhances the creatine level present in the skin to fight against wrinkles and thus provide you a smooth skin texture.
  3. Shield your skin from the sun
A day cream consisting of SPF aids shielding your skin from the harmful YVB and UVA rays of the sun.

The energizing green tea in Neogen Joan Day and night cream has high demand in the market as it nourishes and brightens your skin with Vitamin C. Its fast-absorbing technique serves a smooth canvas for your makeup.


Importance of Night Cream for your skin

There are mainly two reasons why night cream is so essential for your skin:

  1. It supports the skin's natural processes
Cell regeneration, nutrient supply, and blood circulation run at high speed overnight. All Night creams consist of nourishing, luxurious ingredients to aid the natural process of rebuilding after you wake up with supple, soft skin.
  2. Allows taking advantage of porous skin
Your skin is most receptive to the beauty products during the bedtime without any competition with harmful environmental elements. The night vitamin cream has a feature of soft gel compound that strengthens, soothes, and repairs your skin when you sleep due to ingredients like Vitamin E and Lavender oil. 

The key to favorable outcome not only lies in the distinct consistency of day and night creams. It is imperative to choose the right cream that is light, gives a matte texture, and absorbs very quickly. Night creams are more vicious and richer as compared to day creams, so they remain longer on your skin and works all over the night. Using an ideal cream ensures hydration round-the-clock.

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